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2023 World Junior Baseball League (U14 baseball world cup)
China-Guizhou (2023.8.10-2023.8.17)
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Baseball and softball dream factory
We are a baseball and softball culture innovation company integrated with Great Health. We not only provide high-quality baseball and softball venue design, construction and operation services, but also integrate great health elements into baseball and softball culture, bringing a new cultural tourism experience for baseball and softball enthusiasts.
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With Great Health as the background, we have launched a variety of tourism projects, such as baseball and softball games with the historical and cultural theme of Great Health, baseball and softball games composed of games in ancient towns, baseball and softball experiences with places of interest as the background, and so on. In addition, we will create a healthy cultural atmosphere in the venue and provide services such as local cuisine and tourist souvenirs. We firmly believe that the great health baseball and softball culture will be a new cultural hot spot, attracting more and more tourists and baseball enthusiasts to experience it. At the same time, we will continue to explore innovation to provide you with a better and more dynamic cultural and sports tourism experience.
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